The brave new world of investments

We live in a brave new world as political turmoil is fragmenting the global economy and digitization is disrupting traditional business models in a fashion never before seen in history. Amid all this upheaval, there are risks but also rewards, threats but also opportunities. At Brave New World Investments we are embracing these changes. There are great rewards to reap for those who can manage the risks as they tap into the opportunities. For some investment prospects this is more true than for others, in particular those prospects that on the surface might appear unattractive due to political uncertainty or other uncertainty. Such a prospect is for us a typical Brave New World investment. We say, let’s take part in the opportunities and manage the risks by thinking differently and outside the constraints of conventional thinking.

The Middle East is a region of the world that poses high risks and high rewards. Parts of the region are going through a great economic and technological transformation. The founding parters Mairtin O’Duinnin and Mikael Johansson have spent quite extensive periods of their professional life in the Middle East, working with local banks on business processes, financial technology and Islamic finance. They bear first hand witness to some of the vast wealth that the region possesses as well as the opportunities arising from the economic, social and technological disruption that is happening as we speak.

The greatest opportunity in the Middle East region by far is post-sanction Iran. As sanctions are being dismantled, industries in dire need of investment will quickly be brought up to par with international standards. Information technology penetration is currently low in the country and is expected to boom in the coming years. The energy sector is already booming and will soon be back to pre-sanction production levels.

A few US financial sanctions are still active that are effectively excluding large parts of the country’s financial industry from the international financial industry. As these are gradually removed, the country’s financial sector will begin for rejoin fully the international financial markets. As this is happening, and despite the challenges, Iran like the rest of the world is on the brink of a revolution in digital payments, taking full advantage of emerging technological advances.

Brave New World Investments is an investment company that focuses on opportunities around remittance and investment management in Iran.

While sanctions have been eased, it is still difficult to transfer money in and out of the country. Many western banks will not transfer money to or from Iran and indeed will not even open a bank account for companies explicitly stating business activities involving dealings with Iran. At the root of this reluctance is a fear of putting their activities in the US under any sort of legal or regulatory risk.

Brave New World Investments is building a remittance service which solves the problems by utilizing blockchain technology. We are currently preparing a pilot program, and if you are European-Iranian business and are interested in participating, please send us an e-mail.

Investment management
The investment greats of recent decades such as Benjamin Graham and Peter Cundill have taught us that an overlooked or ignored stock market is often a good place to look for bargains.

Analysis of the Tehran stock market as a whole indicated an average price to earnings ratio of less than 7, perhaps as much as a 50% discount to typical normalized valuations. If the country turns into the next hot emerging market then it is likely that the discount could turn out to be even higher. Furthermore, the Teheran Stock Exchange has historically no correlation with any major indices and Iran has no capital gains tax and no tax on interest received.

Brave New World Investments is going to build an investment management business separate to the remittance business. However, the investment management business requires a remittance service as a prerequisite and is thus down prioritized for the moment.





Brave New World Investments AB is a Swedish investment company which generates shareholder value by making equity investments using its shareholders’ funds. Brave New World Investments operates at the intersection of traditional finance and digital finance – traditional in that it invests in equities and digital in that it keeps most of it’s liquid assets on the cryptocurrency blockchains.

The company was founded in early 2017 in Linköping, Sweden. Brave New World Investments’ inception was an interesting one as we believe it was the first limited liability company in the banked part of the world to be supplied initial funding entirely in digital cryptocurrency instead of fiat currency due to not being able to start a bank account. Bank account acquisition was prevented by the Swedish banks due to fears surrounding the way their US operations would be affected by the US Iran financial sanctions if the bank allowed Swedish-Iranian business. Except for a few asset freezes, there are no relevant sanctions in Sweden or in the European Union obstructing Swedish-Iranian business in that manner. We comply fully with all anti-money laundry directives, CFT directives and asset freeze list set by the relevant institutions of Sweden and the European Union. Due to the current US sanctions, the company will not have US operations nor US investors for an indefinite future.

Common misunderstandings

  • We are an investment company – not a brokerage. We only have investors – no clients.
  • What we are looking for is one or a few angel investors. We do not have a public offering.
  • We are not performing an ICO.
  • We are just starting up, so we have not performed any investments in Iran at all. We will have our funds transfer process audited before proceeding.


New parallel move into remittance

We have decided to make a move into the remittance market, since functioning remittance transfers is a prerequisite for cross-border investment and is also a business opportunity in its own right. More details coming soon.


Mikael Johansson
Co-Founder & Executive Board Member

Mikael has consulted in capital markets and technology his entire professional career. Geographical focus has been Europe and Middle East. He has previously founded several companies. Mikael is a graduate of Linköping Institute of Technology.


Mairtin O’Duinnin
Co-Founder / Investor

Mairtin has managed projects in capital markets and technology the last 13 years of his career. Geographical focus has been Europe and Middle East. Mairtin is a dual graduate of City University of London and University College of Dublin.


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