Brave New World Investments AB is a Swedish investment company which generates shareholder value by making equity investments using its shareholders’ funds. Brave New World Investments operates at the intersection of traditional finance and digital finance – traditional in that it invests in equities and digital in that it keeps most of it’s liquid assets on the cryptocurrency blockchains.

The company was founded in early 2017 in Linköping, Sweden. Brave New World Investments’ inception was an interesting one as we believe it was the first limited liability company in the banked part of the world to be supplied initial funding entirely in digital cryptocurrency instead of fiat currency due to not being able to start a bank account. Bank account acquisition was prevented by the Swedish banks due to fears surrounding the way their US operations would be affected by the US Iran financial sanctions if the bank allowed Swedish-Iranian business. Except for a few asset freezes, there are no relevant sanctions in Sweden or in the European Union obstructing Swedish-Iranian business in that manner. We comply fully with all anti-money laundry directives, CFT directives and asset freeze list set by the relevant institutions of Sweden and the European Union. Due to the current US sanctions, the company will not have US operations nor US investors for an indefinite future.

Common misunderstandings

  • We are an investment company – not a brokerage. We only have investors – no clients.
  • What we are looking for is one or a few angel investors. We do not have a public offering.
  • We are not performing an ICO.
  • We are just starting up, so we have not performed any investments in Iran at all. We will have our funds transfer process audited before proceeding.