BNW Investments suspends Iran ambitions after cryptocurrency ban

The Central Bank of Iran has decided to ban cryptocurrency dealings after a long period of uncertainty regarding the legality of the asset class inside the Islamic republic. Brave New World Investments are therefore suspending their plans in relation to Iran, effective immediately.

The company had conducted some analysis into the feasibility of operating in Iran, but had not reached the point of entering into any transactions with an Iranian counterparty or in relation to Iran, primarily due to the uncertainty that preceded the ban.

New parallel move into remittance

We have decided to make a move into the remittance market, since functioning remittance transfers is a prerequisite for cross-border investment and is also a business opportunity in its own right. More details coming soon.

Lots of enquiries right now

Dear all,

We are currently receiving a lot of enquiries which is exciting. We just want to clear up a few misunderstandings:

  • We are an investment company – not a brokerage. We only have investors – no clients.
  • What we are looking for is one or a few angel investors. We do not have a public offering.
  • We are not performing an ICO.
  • We are just starting up, so we have not performed any investments in Iran at all. We will have our funds transfer process audited before proceeding.

More updates will come soon. Thank you for your interest in us!

Best regards,


Hello Brave New World

Finally, we are all set to venture out into our brave new world. In this blog we will share some of our discoveries as we travel through the uncharted territory of Iran investments and other seemingly ugly investment ideas.


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